In His arms...

At the foot of the cross the child of God is oblivious to the darts of the enemy as the protecting arm of Jesus protects and holds us in His grip. And yet even in this humble position it is the tongue of the haughty and proud and hurtful heart that can still inflict injury.
Oh it is nothing that cannot be overcome, as His children overcome evil with good. It is however something that can stop a child of God from accomplishing what he ought, should he fall prey to the words that wound a soul deeply. Yet, should those tones fall upon your ear little one, continue on in the conversation you find yourself in with your Beloved Jesus, for the words from His heart will drown out all others if we let them.

© Monika Hardy

1 comment:

Miss Jen said...

Beneath the cross of Jesus!
I cling to Him!!
Thank you for these words
of truth!!!

Love~ Jen

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