Memorial Day

Oh Father,
On this the day our country sets aside to remeber those that have fought and died for our freedom, may You remember the families that are left here on earth and hold them tight in Your arms of love. For those of us who have loved ones that are fighting for freedom right now, please protect them and gaurd them with Your angels and Your mighty right hand!
Please answer our prayers and their prayers as we cry out to You. Only You Jesus can satisfy the soul even in the hottest driest desert. Thank you for allowing these men and women in the borders of other countries. You used Paul as a prisoner to share the gospel, please give your children everywhere opportunities to share Your truth as well. Please give our troops the courage and widom and strength that they need to do the things that you set before them, and watch over their families until they return home.
I also thank you Father for giving me the insight to call my own dad,
(a retired Command Seargeant Major)
when he was alive each Memorial Day just to thank him for all his service to his country. I know he always shrugged off the attention and didn't want me to acknowledge it, but I'm glad I did. Because now that he is safe in Your arms I can't pick up the phone, but I can ask You to love Him for me and tell him how much I miss him. These past few years that phone call has been made to my brother who is now retired from 23 years of military service in the army.

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Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I am new to your site and just want to say "Amen" to your heartfelt prayer!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!☺

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