My first Mother's Day as a Grandmother!

What a dear special day it was to be able to spend it with family and most of all the next generation of the family. Flowers always make the day a bit brighter especially when given in love. Our first little grandaughter brings such joy! It is true, If I had known that grandkids would be this much fun, I would have had them first!

It was very special to have three generations of mom's in the home. In honor of Great Grandmother we had her favorite meal...Barbequed Hamburgers, and most importantly chocolate pie. Grandpa (that makes me Grandma, or Omi as I am affectionately called!) prayed a special prayer asking God to bless all us ladies present, including the new little grandaughter who bumped us all up a generation.

To those who have no children at home, may you find blessings and love in caring for the children in your church family! For truly we are one body, with many members and what a joy it is when the brethern dwell together in unity of the Holy Spirit!


HisBeloved said...

I am blessed indeed to be mother to your granddaughter and wife to your son. And I so glad you had a wonderful mother's/grandmother's day. :D

Cherie said...

Think you are a very blessed woman, as am I!

Pam said...

What a special day. Grandchildren are such a joy; a true blessing.
Have a wonderful week,

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