Taking the plunge to Gluten Free!

Bountiful by Carole Gordon

Here I am taking the plung into Gluten Free Land!

I was in the middle of typing this up when jm asked why I went gluten free? So here is the answer and if you don't mind me asking jm...
why do you say it is expensive? Am I in for a shock?

I learned back in I think it was 2000 that I was allergic to something that was causing a severe itcthy skin rash on my hands. After a trip to Germany where everything was organic and I couldn't get any ibuprophen in the stores, (if requires a prescription over there), I was feeling better. When I came back home and the rash started all over again, I backed off to only water and tried to figure out what I was allergic too. I finally narrowed it down to chemicals (anaphalatic schock!) and preservatives and anti-inflammatories. All this without expensive allegy testing. It seemed to be under control, but over the years I have still had reactions. I ran across some posts on Celiac Diesease and it sounded exactly like what I was experiencing and it says there is no cure, you just HAVE to stay away from gluten.

Ok, that can't be so bad, as I've already turned my diet upside down years ago, and this will mostly affect the breads and cereals and pastas. Since there is no cure and it's just eating healthy there is no reason to pay for a doctor visit, which I hate anyway. So I began the Gluten Free life just a few days ago.

So I thought I would go out and get some Gluten free food. I have seen that disclaimer everwhere in the past...gluten free! But now that I need it...it's nowhere to be found.

I have found some ideas online for gluten feee flour baking mixes, and menus. So I searched the kitchen and here is what I have been feasting, and I mean feasting! This is great stuff! It's not as bad as I thought it would be, and I post these for anyone as ignorant in these matters as I am.

My first gluten free meals:

Kippers (smoked herring) and eggs with grape tomatoes.

Baked sweet potato with butter and molasses

Fried zucinni, with TVP (Textured vegetable protien) and stewed tomatoes

Brown rice cereal, just like cream of wheat only better.

Celery sticks with homemade chopped toasted almonds and cream cheese

Grapefruit and Eggs

BBQ'd Steak and baked beans with a salad

Strawberries and whip cream

Homemade Salsa


Water with Lemon Juice

Ok so now I am on the look out for baking recipes to make gluten free breads, or find a good store bought GF Bread. Does anyone else have any suggestions to share with me? Also from what I have read, most dairy products are fine, but is there a good gf yogurt? I've read that modified food starch is a no no, and is it guar gum that is a no no?

So much to learn.

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