A Tribute to old fashioned girls

We may not be dressed with finery at all times but the attitude of our heart can still be that of a Lady. Yet even the "word" Lady seems to be stricken from society, let alone actually seeing one out in public. A bit of beauty in the form of a Lady is not too much to ask, in fact it brings glory and honor to our maker who made us feminine. We don't see much in the way of old fashioned refinement, and even in the movies that do try to portray it there is a bit too much cleavage revealing.
So it may not be perfection, but if we take a moment to enjoy some beautiful music, in a short movie made by an old fashioned girl at heart.....who knows...maybe there will be a silent revolution and Ladies will once again be numerous in society.

I found the video at The Sparrow's Nest which is also filled with many beautiful articles.

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