Vintage Handkerchiefs

The elegance of a freshly ironed delicate handkerchief.
A treasured item by most ladies young and old.

"HANDKERCHIEF, n. A small square of silk or linen, used in various ignoble offices about the face and especially serviceable at funerals to conceal the lack of tears. The handkerchief is of recent invention; our ancestors knew nothing of it and intrusted its duties to the sleeve. Shakespeare's introducing it into the play of "Othello" is an anachronism: Desdemona dried her nose with her skirt, as Dr. Mary Walker and other reformers have done with their coattails in our own day --an evidence that revolutions sometimes go backward.” ~Ambrose Pierce

It is not correct for a lady to carry her handkerchief in her hand. She should use a reticule or bag, if she be too proud for pockets.
G.W.M. Reynolds.The London Journal,For the week ending June 14, 1845.

Handkerchief - The wedding handkerchief is often kept and passed down from mother to daughter and from generation to generation. Early farmers thought a bride's wedding day tears were lucky and brought rains for their crops. Later, a crying bride meant that she'd never shed another tear about her marriage. Today, we carry a handkerchief to dab away the tears of happiness and joy.

I remember as a child, my German mother would place in my possesion my purse filled with my freshly washed and ironed handkercheif. Along with these items I would wear my white gloves on Sunday mornings when the family went to Church.

It just so happened one of the first days in Kindergarten that I was having diffculties communicating with my teacher. I kept telling her that I needed my "Taschentuch", but she couldn't figure out what that was! She finally called my mother at home and she explained to the teacher that "Taschentuch" is German for handkerchief. All's well that ends well.

So what do you do with your collection of Ladies handkerchief's ....besides the obvious?

Take a look a Nanalulu's Linen Closet and see what she suggests.

Too bad Paul isn't around to prespire on one for miraculous healings :) just joking. The power wasn't in the handkercheif, it was and is in Jesus!


Mrs. June Fuentes said...

How beautiful---thanks for sharing!

Many blessings...

Rosemary said...

I use most of my handkies for the intended purpose,but a few that are too lacy or too old to be used I drape over lampshades or picture frames.

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