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Morning all, Grandma Ladybug here and I thought I would share a lovely site I came across for kids. As moms, and homeschool moms, and teachers we are always looking for great ways to share God's word with our children. It is an interactive site that does not ask for personal info, and does not chat with you or your child, but offers a wonderful slower paced video type story for younger children that shares God's word. As you follow the path through Paradise Valley you can click on the Lamp that illuminates verses in the Bible.The site is called My Place with Jesus by the It is Written Ministry.
Have a great day in Jesus!
Grandma Ladybug..."This lady loves Jesus and to share Him with others, unfortunately this "bugs" some hence the endearing nick name.


Sharon said...

I pray you are getting along well with your caregiving. It can be a very tiring task at times.

Domestically Inclined said...

Thanks Sharon, yes it can and does get tiring. Thanks for the prayers. MIL has enjoyed the site I mentioned on this post! God Bless!

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