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After posting on Discernment vs. Deception, I received a few comments from The Southern Housewife that I would like to follow up on.


Thank you for pointing this site out! I know this is probably not what you were hoping for, but when I read this website, I was absolutely behind it. I did sign the petition. I did read Lear's speech.

I believe in the religious freedom of all men. Although I am a practicing and devoted Christian, it is not my place to judge who or what is right and condemn them. That is His job. All I can do is take care of myself and my family and help others when I can.

I agree with his comments about our last administration and I don't think it was run in a very Christian way.

Although we disagree on this issues, I will continue to visit your blog as I am always so inspired by it. It is something that I look forward to reading. I would sincerely hope that disagreeing on things would not diminish friendship and fellowship. :)

In Him,

The Southern Housewife’s second reply…
I was just thinking about my comment to you and I HOPE that I did not come off sounding as mean or judgemental as that was NOT my intention. please please please don't take away anything negative from it. hugs!

Thank you so much Jennifer for leaving your comments! No, I am not offended, and I certainly do not hope for all readers to agree with “me”. Your comments do not diminish the relationship we have in any way, and again please, be at peace, I just could not reply fully last night, and hugs to you too!

The reason I posted Discernment vs. Deception, was to encourage believer’s in Jesus to hide God’s word in their heart, to guard their heart with all diligence, because what goes into our hearts, affects everything that we do, or say or think, or read about. The enemy of our souls would love to deceive us into thinking that there is no absolute truth but I know that Jesus is the way the truth and the life. So it is by God’s word, His standard, that believer’s are to discern situations in their lives, to judge between what is good and evil. Yes, I said judge. However the judging we are to do is for identification, not condemnation. I did not condemn anyone in the previous post, I merely stated what the Word of God says that exposes the falsehood in the movement of Born Again American, and People for the American Way, and like a watchman on the wall I am warning any who will seriously take it to heart.
I too believe in Religious Freedom, and I base that on the fact that Almighty God gives us a choice to love Him or not. Jesus does not demand our love just because He died on the cross for our sins. He gave His love freely, and would love to have our love returned freely. If God made us love Him in return we would be nothing more than His computers stuffed with formulas for a determined outcome… that would not be love. The God of the Universe desires our love and our communion… that is amazing to me!
My devotion is to Jesus Christ, and if a cause or a movement differs from the absolute truth, I cannot in my heart follow it as it would be dishonoring to my Jesus.

Thank you again Jennifer for your comments, and your willingness to agree to disagree so politely. The law of kindness was on your tongue as it should be, and I pray that mine is ever and only the same towards you or any other who may disagree with me. It is iron that sharpens iron, and when that happens a few sparks may fly, but my hope is that those sparks would ignite a fire and a deeper longing for the word of God rather than a false fire from the enemy that destroys relationships.

The main idea of the original post was to encourage others to look at everything in life through the eyes of God’s word and use discernment, which only comes through God’s word, may it bring believer’s closer together in thought word and deed, as we rely on the Holy Spirit. May other’s know that we are Christians not by our unity for unity’s sake but by our love based on the actual word’s that come from God’s mouth written in His love letters to us…The Bible.


The Southern Housewife said...

You have such a way with words. When I read the very brief comment you left on my blog (the post concerning religion), I just sort of stared at the words for a few seconds. It was the shortest and simple answer anyone had written thus far, yet rang in my heart so much more. So, thank you for those words. I actually do want to write a little something about it as it touched me so much.

And I'm happy that even though we may disagree on some things, we can both agree on loving Him and that we are both happy to share our faith in Him and have Him inour lives. Blessings, Monika. And thank you for your ever inspiring blog.

Debbie J. said...


Just a note to thank you for "following" my blog. I appreciate it so much! Debbie J.

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