Baby Faith Hope

I lost track of the link to this site, but just came across it again. This mommy and baby have been in my prayers and the prayers of many since they began their jouney together. The grace of God and the work of His hands is truly evident in their story. Little baby Faith Hope was born with a condition know as "anencephaly", which means she was born without a brain. Mommy Myha was determined to know and love her baby just as God had made her against the abortion advie taht some doctors had given her. They beauty of a precious little life is so glorious and God's love shines through this mommy who chose to love. May we all choose to love as God loves. As Myha says....."All things are possible"...~Jesus

© Monika Hardy


Miss Jen said...

Beautiful, indeed!

HOPE said...

Oh how deeply this touched my heart.

She has no comment place..if you could please let her know about my Watering Wells of HOPE blog.

I just wanted to tell her what a blessing it was to see her faith so strong in the LORD and magnifying his Grace and wonderous works.

Thanks so much for sharing this link...


Domestically Inclined said...

It truly is a precious life story of God's grace and love is it not?

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