Domestically Inclined Top Site Pick of the Week!

I received a comment from Mary Beth on her Today's Journey Blog. It was an announcement that she had chosed my site as this week's

Domestically Inclined is a place that I share what God lays on my heart to share with all of you. I don't know that I have ever stopped to think about describing what this site is about...except the "About me" section and even then wanted to point you to Jesus rather than myself. I am very blessed that Jesus shines through in what is written here as it is done for God's glory and His honor and our growth in Him.

It was her words that humbled me as she wrote about Domestically Inclined....

This site is a Christian Family Oriented site, that is run by a beautifully devout woman who shows her life for Christ in her words, posts, and kindness to all who visit.

Some of the articles she has written on her blog are Keepers at Home ~

This is a blog worth visiting and reading.

You will be blessed when you leave.
Hugs & God Bless

Thanks so much Mary Beth, I'm so glad these articles have blessed you!

© Monika Hardy


Lori said...

My sentiments about your site exactly!! :) I always appreciate what you do and say here.
God bless you!

The Southern Housewife said...

Congrats! You are indeed an inspiration!

I'd love some opinions for a godly woman such as yourself on the series I've been doing on the spirit of meekness. Stop by if you get the chance. :) And have a happy4th of July!


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