Blogger problems

Tada! After many months of having Blogger problems I was finally able to figure out what the problem was.
I was having difficulty in the layouts with changing elements around, they just would not stay where I wanted them to stay, and they would "Float" around arbitrarily. I had read awhile back in Blogger Buzz that many in Brazil were having this problem, and assumed it was happening here now, and would soon be fixed. However, that was back in November of 2009.
Today I checked back for more news since I was still having trouble with the same issue. Many suggestions were made concerning resetting to default settings, which I quickly dissmissed as I did NOT want to go there. I'd leave blogger before messing with that again.
As I kept reading the forum, someone mentioned that the problem was linked to using the Firefox browser....ah ha! Google power grabber srtikes again!
I tried Internet Explorer again for the first time since...November, and voila! It worked!
So now when I need to change the Layout around I need to use Internet Explorer, and when I type a post I like to use Firefox with the built in spell checker...uh-oh, I'm still in IE, whilst tiping thiss poooost.
Off to re-arrange!

© Monika Hardy


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got it fixed! Have fun playing!!!

Marsha said...

I have noticed that certain web sites don't work so well in Safari but work fine in Internet Explorer. It's a bit a a frustration.

Love Abounds At Home said...

So glad it worked out for you. A while back I was having some problems and it can be very frustrating.

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