Water color painting

I have always wanted to be able to paint roses! I love the way roses look when a good artist paints them realistically in oils. However, I am allergic to oils and all the cleaners, as well as acrylics so I thought I would have to give up...then I found Molly at Creative Techs Training!

Had a great time at Molly Murrah's Watercolor Class today. It was online this morning, and will be online again for the next 3 Friday's at 11am PST, through Creative Techs Training

Molly is a very good teacher, and all the guys who set up the program have been working very hard to provide an online Watercolor Class. I met someone from Germany there today and was able to speak with them before class began through the online chat. Using the chat is a nice way to feel as if you are actually one of Molly's students in the class with her. We can post questions to Jason Hoppe, (Some call him Mr. Clean) the online chat overseer, who has a great radio voice I might add and teaches other classes available online like working with Flash.

We learned watercolor techniques today by blending colors, making charts with our paints to check the transparency of our colors. Those of us who got there early were able to watch Molly prepare and paint a still life with shadows. A plus in the chat was keeping up with others on the USA/FINLAND Hockey Game. Can I hear an AMEN Tony? Can I here a go USA Margi? ...oh wait...you are still cheering for Canada, aren't you margi? Oh well, sorry :)
Still praying for Lottiesue and her husband...please join me in prayer for her husband who is very ill. We are asking God to heal and for wisdom for the doctors, and anything else God puts on your heart to pray for him (Steve)

The list of homework should be coming soon, but I'm sure we will all be taking to the paper soon when time allows. I for one, am looking forward to all the pictures of your work on flicker
Met someone else during class with a blog filled with lovely art Tints and Hues
Glad to see you there too Havasmama, and can't wait to see what we can come up with. I am trying to embrace abstract art, well because that is what mine looks like when it is done :)
Well, maybe not, but not as realistic as I would like though, but Jason encouraged us all that anyone can paint!
I seem to have heard some advice like that in the past, oh but that was...Anyone can sing!
Oh well, make a joyful noise and paint...it's only paper!
Here are my past attempts, and looking forward to adding more after applying Molly's teachings.
Till next week~
© Monika Hardy

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Conny said...

I peeked in on your roses ... and they are LOVELY :) Glad you have a hobby you enjoy.

Also thank you again for being an encouragement to me!

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