"Good Friday"

Offer unto God thanksgiving;
and pay thy vows unto the most High:
And call upon me in the day of trouble:
I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.
Psalm 50:14-15

On this the day we commemorate "Good Friday" we cannot help but remember the suffering and pain our Savior went through willingly on our account. Not just the painful death on the cross, but leaving the presence of His Father, the only exsisitence He had ever known and came to earth as a baby, to grow and live and die and come to life again, all in obedience to His Father giving His Father the glory for all that was done and said. It is a day the world fills with "fluff" to draw us away from worshipping and adoring the Lover of our soul, our Jesus. Our loving Savoir wants to commune with us and be a light to the world around us.
We can depend on Jesus, and trust Him with all that concerns us, His life being a perfect model for us. As Jesus was encompassed round about by the enemy roaring as lion, Jesus cried out to His heavenly Father, and is now glorifying and praising Him in heaven as well as making intercession for us.

Though we are emcompassed round about by our enemy, we can look up and and cry out to our Father and trust in Him to deliver us from the snares of the enemy, from the trials before us as we know all that befalls us comes through the throne of God. I am not surprised at the earthquakes in diverse places, at wars and rumors of wars, of the youth that control the streets, of the princes that run the countries, and of the women who take control. God said it would be.

But when I cry out to Him for help and He delivers me I also have an opportunity to praise Him from the roof tops and give Him the glory my God is worthy of!

God hears our cries when we are wronged, when we are manipulated, when we are spoken of falsely. But if we put our trust in Him He will correct all the wrongs. I am reminded of Jacob who was accused falsely by Potiphars wife, and God let Jacob remain in prison. Although it didn't look like God was correcting the wrong done against Jacob, God was using the situation to prepare Jacob to do God's will in the future. Do not allow others to stop you from doing the will of God for it is God that we will answer to one day, not other people.

And when God does finally pull you out of the muck and the mire, when He recuses you from dangers and the spiders webs ...Praise Him! Praise Him! For you now have a solid Rock on which to stand, the Rock Christ Jesus! Walk with Jesus, talk with Him, and commune with Him, find peace and comfort, and satisfaction of the soul, as you adore Him and love Him and bow down, before Him, and spend time at His feet in adoration of a loving God who loved you before you even knew Him. Enjoy the place and safety and strength as the world spins around you. I can sit still in His hands knowing that He can and will handle all that concerns me.

Praise Him, Praise Him, with a new song, that many will see and fear and trust in the Lord God!

What a glorious day to spend at the feet of Jesus,
Until we meet face to face!

© Monika Hardy


Miss Jen said...

Blessed Good Friday to you!!

Love in Jesus,
Miss Jen

Just Me said...

What a beautiful post. We spent time earlier today explaining to our six year old what Easter really means. As in not the bunny, eggs, and baskets. We explained what happened "on Good Friday" and then asked what happened three days later...It fills my heart to hear him answer that question on his own. Truly we will Praise Him! Not only because He died, but because He rose again. Bless you for your encouraging words! I join in praise with you.

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