Sunday Evening...

What a glorious weekend this has been! I'd like to announce that the last patch of snow on our lawns has finally melted! It took till April 5th this year. Yes, it has been a long winter. I am finally feeling better after a few weeks of this bad cold, and mil seems to have a milder form as I took her to the doctor for antibiotics at the first sign of it.

Dear Husband and I spent itme in the back yard cleaning the layers of dust and gravel from the winter months. I got the lawn raked and cut back some rose bushes and trees, while he planted to bare root fruit trees. We got one apple tree and one nectarine tree, yeah! He also took a load to the dump. Mil wasn't up to going to church early yet, so we stayed home together and watched online while dear husband rode in to church. Technology is great when we can use it to stay connected to church when we are unable to go.

I also had a wonderful afternoon and baked two beautiful loaves of bread, started my spicy clover seeds for sandwhiches, and put a batch of milk on the stove to turn into cheese tomorrow morning. I was also able to to get caught up on much laundry since we've been under the weather. It is so rewarding to have all these things done. I can't even imagine all the things that God will have for us to do when we get to heaven. Working around the mansions, picking leaves off the trees, worshipping and adoring the lover of our souls, asking millions of questions....

Why did You make misquitos Lord?

Why is the sky blue?

Why did You let me stay on earth so long when all this was waiting for me?

Can I touch Your hand?

Are you ok now, after I broke Your heart so many times?

How can You love me sooo much?

Why did You make my feet so big?

Why did You make me so tall?

Ok so maybe you will have your own quesions, won't it be great when we all get together at supper, and then work together for eternity? What lovely Family Dinners those will be, what lovely family times those will be...why not start now?
Come Quickly Lord, your Bride is waiting!


Cherie said...

Meeting new friends around the supper table...what fun!

Lori said...

I am so thrilled you commented on my website. I am THRILLED to find yours!! I will be a regular visitor, I assure you! What an encouraging place for Christian women!! Thank you so much for sharing what you do here. God bless you! :)

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