HTML Helps

There is a new link on my Domestically Inclined Links List

Lori over at A Frugally Old-Fashioned Homemaker shared some wonderful info on html helps. It is a link to a site that explains html in an easy to understand manner. I have always wanted to know how to make these cute little ♥ and now I know how!

It also gave me codes for symbols when writing in German as it uses Umlauts (diaeresis) above some of the letters. I lost my little cheat sheet of these codes awhile back and am so happy to have found them again.

Lori also has alot of Frugal helpful hints for the home from coupons to recipes. Thanks Lori ♥


Lori said...

Well you're very welcome. :) And thank you for posting this. Aren't those little hearts fun?

Theresa said...

Thanks so much for the link - I'm always looking for ways to make my blog better.


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