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For Today...
Outside my window... Gray clouds and a porch that needs staining
I am thinking... What a beautiful place the New Jerusalem will be floating down from heaven bedecked with jewels, sparkling in the light of Jesus
I am thankful that... this beautiful place will be my new home one day soon
From the kitchen... Seedlings in the indoor greenhouse, a revised orange cranberry bread recipe using buttermilk (that turned out much better than the recipe that was given to me) Chocolate Peanut butter No Bakes, and they are Gluten Free! Home baked bread, freshly sprouted clover seeds, and homemade cream cheese.
I am wearing... Sandals, Blue Sundress and a Black sweater as it is cooler this morning.
I am reading... Still in I Chronicles
I am hoping... the weather will cooperate with my plans this week
I am creating... a Painting, and waxing the final cheese rounds I made last week..only 6 months of aging to go. Writings on a few ideas...why do the ideas come in the spring and not in the winter when there is snow all over the ground?
I am praying... for the salvaton of our political leaders
Around the house... the sound of my new song playing on cd almost finished, almost.
One of my favorite things... the early morning hours
A few plans for the rest of the week... staining the front porch and putting up roll up shades to create a greehouse on the front porch. Then mil can help me transplant and water on the porch without too much work in container gardening. Dear Husband was going to move the back fence and build a greenhouse, but we thought this would help mil to be more involved in the gardening, and the shades will help cool the house in the summer.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

© Monika Hardy


Jerralea said...

No Bakes are my favorite!

I often think of how beautiful Heaven is going to be! I admit I'm curious what my home will look like, too!

God bless, and have a great week.

Miss Jen said...

What lovely musings!
Your home baked bread with freshly sprouted clover seeds and homemade cream cheese looks scrumptious!!
I may just have to try it sometime!
Hope you are having a blessed Monday!

Miss Jen

HOPE said...

I loved how you described this day! AMEN...

One day!!

so glad Miss Jen described the bread pic...YUMMMY!

God bless..

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