Home as a Haven Challenge

Here is this weeks Biblical Womanhood Home as Haven challenge entry for this week.

Dressed to the shoes as Fly lady says....
1. Apron on hours ago, beautiful music floating through the air heavenward, washer a dryer happily humming today.

2. Kitchen is "Flylady" approved, although my German mother thaught me that years ago! I just don't like to wake up to a dirty kitchen so I get things done the night before unless God changes my plans.

3. Oh, I love the things I learned from Emily Barnes on this step...Start at the front door with 3 bags, pick up, give away, and throw away and do so accordingly. DONE

4. Clothesline is frugal, however due to DH allergies to pollen, they are alll dried inside on drying racks or the dryer.

5. Bathrooms company ready

6. Swept hardwood floors and now free from dust

7. No vacumming to do

8. Laundry will hum most of the day to get it done for this week, will put sheets in the dyer soon.

Iced latte in my hand, hot water on to boil to make Jello and iced tea for the day.

Opps.....didn't red the part about pictures till now so no before and after.

Company on the way!

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A happy heart at home said...

Where did you find that Challenge? I couldn't find it. Thanks.


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