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Lancaster Sunday by Ann Mount
Lancaster Sunday

This past weekend my husband and I were perusing the news online and I found an advertisement for a local Vintage Antique Sale held on a local farm in their Barn. In one of those blessed impromptu moments he asked if I wanted to go...well of course I wanted to go!

It was a lovely day in the 80's warm with a nice breeze and we had such a good time. There were 47 vendors from around the area that had booths displaying their wares. We wandered around the old farm house listening to blue grass music, while some rested in the shade on hay bales, sipping ice cold lemonade. Some Mennonite women were selling their baked goods, which I hear sells out every year. Of course I saw the front porch swing too late as it had a SOLD tag on it.

I did come across something I have been wanting for a long time.
As kids we lived in an agricultural valley with strawberry fields and orange groves and pumpkin patches. After doing the evening dishes, the job of picking the oranges and juicing them for breakfast fell to my sister and I. At first using an old fashioned glass juicer was a novetly , but after our hands froze in place like a claw (makes me think of Jerry Lewis) Dad had pity on us and bought an old fasioned clamp type juicer. The kind where you lift the dome, place in the orange half and then pull the lever down to juice it. It worked great if you remembered to take your hand out first :)

Well, it was somewhat of an improvement at the time.

Now that I'm no juicing for an army, I have been wanting a glass juicer, and finally came across one at the Vintage Antique sale.. for only $2.00! I snatched that one up quick and then to my surprise saw 2 more in other areas, but they wanted $8.00! My dear husband was pleased!
A glass of fresh squeezed grapfruit juice...ahhhh!

I also came across a FREE table with all sorts of items on a table. It was towards the end of the day and the vendor was quite smart to place this table at the back of her area. I saw many nice things there and took one of her flyers, I will have to go visit her shop. But as for now I found a free glass jar like others in my collection, and a free scoop, both of which I have been hoping to find to display my rose petals.

All in all, it was a simply wonderful afternoon.


MichelleC said...

We use to have one of those glass juicers growing up.I think they are called depression glass..depends on the pattern if I recall. They are really easy and neat to have.

Beautiful dried petals too. I think those little jars would also look great on display with dried herbs in bulk. I smell the Lavender and Jasmine now!! :-)

Bonita said...

I have one of those juicers. We rarely use it for juicing, but it's pretty anyway.

Jen said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such an uplifting comment. I really needed it. I enjoyed visiting your blog and will be back often to see what your up to. Thank you again.


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