Where have all the Ladies gone?

Portrait Of A Lady, Seated by John Russell
Portrait Of A Lady, Seated

It was my sad experience to shop in a local establishment and see the open rebellion of our sex.

Even within the confines of woman/woman relationships beyond the God given lines an outsider can see that they still look to God for their example of a relationship. How? They still take on male and female roles. One will "look" the part of the female and one will "look" the part of the male. Behavior like this openly displayed is the ruin of a country. God has to judge it according to His holiness. He has a set of standards by which mankind is to live by...the Bible. Like it or not, believe it or not...it is the TRUTH.

My heart broke that day as I shopped. Crying while in the store was not something I had planned, or something on my to do list. My heart ached because I know the truth of God's word and that behavior like this breaks HIS heart. God loves them and yet they are choosing to go their own way.

Remember the old saying...I'm only saying this because I love you, if I didn't care I wouldn't say anything.

God IS Love, and He did say it all in His love letters. Don't walk in your own ways, but come unto Me. Those who surrender their lives will gain it.

I can't help but wonder if feminists realize just how wicked their rebellion really is.

Pears Soap, Matchless for the Complexion
Pears Soap, Matchless for the Complexion

"I am most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of 'Women's Rights,' with all its attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent, forgetting every sense of womanly feelings and propriety. Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were woman to 'unsex' themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings and would surely perish without male protection."
~ Queen Victoria, March, 1870.

Thank God some know the importance of God's order of things.

"The world has enough women who are tough; we need women who are tender. There are enough women who are coarse; we need women who are kind. There are enough women who are rude; we need women who are refined. We have enough women of fame and fortune; we need more women of faith. We have enough greed; we need more goodness. We have enough vanity; we need more virtue. We have enough popularity; we need more purity."
~ Margaret D. Nadauld

There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves."
~ Thomas Wolfe

Praying mothers, teaching mothers, faithful mothers – the Church needs you. She needs mothers who will crave children, and love them and bless them to be the warriors of the next generation.
Motherhood! Blessed motherhood! The time has come to once again sing the praises of this calling. Though bloodied by the barbs of feminism, Christian motherhood will not be vanquished.
~Beall Phillips


Anonymous said...

It is a shame that for the sake of equality, we, women, have shed what makes us beautiful...our identity as females. We do not need to be equal to get the job done, we do not need to dress like men for people to know we are capable. We were made in the image of the Creator...we are capable, we are strong...all because of Him that made us.

I am sorry that you have to see that during your shopping trip, but unfortunately, you will see quite more often. It is like the defiance is so open, the only place to turn to is the Word.



Mrs. V. said...

Very good post and every word so true. I know the majority of the world would knock me on the head for this, but when I see women acting like that I just want to grab them, put them in the kitchen, plop an apron on over their head and get them married off to a good, strong husband! Lol, oh my. I can't help it, it's just where my mind goes when I see things like that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! Feminism is a nasty, nasty disease. At 18, I'm still 'pulling weeds' of it and striving to be a real lady.

Thanks for the encouragement,


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